Brown Recluse

On average a human will spend up to two weeks kissing in their lifetime;

Let’s calculate the time spent on rolling wheels,

The time it takes for the ache of a spider bite to bloom inward

A dissipation of flesh you cherish like a badge of disappearance, like flight.

Making caverns that engulf anyone, regardless. (But especially you.)

And you are always a sedentary being, propelled and thinking

of kissing someone with no face. And dreaming of a new landscape that always unfolds as the same

body, already mapped out; impossible.

How many months, on average,

spent inventing a lover?

And how many lovers have stretched you out until your limbs grew too long and ceased to support


Here streets stretch out a glittering ash tray and I walk around thinking of being in my head

And missing raw lungs, missing smoke

The freedom to inflict small pains

The knowledge that numbing selectively

Is a survival tactic I have applied,


Imagination abused and dulling this sensation.

I keep inventing you.

You are a story,

that I read with compulsion.